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Programme: POR FESR Lazio 2014/2020 – Regione Lazio – “Kets – Tecnologie Abilitanti”
Total Investment of the Project: € 281.500
Admitted Contribution: € 225.050
Status: Ongoing

Combine the innovative technology of meta-materials – structures with properties superior to ordinary materials – with the dynamic characteristics of the plasma for the realization of highly innovative communication structures, again non-existent at European level, applicable to the aerospace sector. It is the goal of the M2P project, which launches new application technologies telecommunications through the use of advanced materials.

The study of the material arises from the growing need to create antennas of telecommunication and navigation can get a high gain, with capacity for reconfigurability, antijamming and antispoofing potential and with characteristics of weight, dimensions and consumption more and more sophisticated. Alma Sistemi, which has been operating in the aerospace and defense sector for over 10 years, with significant results in the field of consultancy and new development products and services, has established itself on the international market in the sectors of remote sensing, image processing, software development of tests for space and avionics systems.

The M2P project, developed in partnership with the Engineering Department University of the studies Roma Tre, is the latest in a series of Research, Development activities and Innovation, which sees Alma Sistemi as the protagonist at an international level in the fields of computer and mechanical engineering and in the engineering of project, especially in the areas of application of space, environment and ICT.


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Cristina Baldetti, Project Manager,  Alma Sistemi Srl
email: cba@alma-sistemi.com