ALMA Sistemi delivers EGSE systems for satellite subsystems testing, communication payloads,  and equipment ESA/ECSS compliant.  ALMA Sistemi  has developed a wide knowledge of Special Check-Out Equipment’s (SCOE), based on S/W and H/W modules internally developed as well as based of standard COTS for most common space interfaces, standard ESA TM/TC, pyrotechnic and NEA actuators pulse generators, Space-wire etc.


ALMA Sistemi has through the years developed key test and simulation products aimed at providing the satellite integrators with high performance and versatile European solutions for payload & equipment simulators  including RF and transponder emulators in different frequency bands from L/S to VHF/UHF including Ka and Ku bands.


ALMA Sistemi ’s standard and proven S/W development capabilities has been tested in a series of different systems at payload, subsystem and equipment level. We provide the functionalities across a wide range of EGSE deployments through simple configuration to act as single point of logical connection to the hardware, to simulate each hardware unit, support writing and execution of test script, and to provide user friendly MMI.


The scale and complexity of space missions means that large engineering teams with highly specialized skills and domain knowledge are needed. Engineering and logistics support services offer an attractive way to provide qualified manpower to supplement the customer’s engineering staff.