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Programme: POR FESR Lazio 2014/2020 – Regione Lazio – “Aerospazio e Sicurezza”
Total Investment of the Project:  € 443.698,75
Admitted Contribution: € 324.317,20
Status: Ongoing

LUMINO intends to develop an original and innovative device able to produce useful data for an in-depth study of Martian Geology. It is an instrument capable of dating the martian fluvial and eolic deposits, to provide a better and more detailed comprehension of the geological history of the “red planet”.
The analysis results will be complementary to the data provided in previous missions and the project will develop for a period of 18 months, during which four intermediate objectives have been identified.
Project steps will be ultimated through out an organizational structure that comprises of six work packages. Project LUMINO is conceived to provide a notable scientific return in the geological field, in particular in the context of study regarding recent events dating.
Other qualifying project’s goals concern the acquisition of industrial and scientific know-how; the strengthening and improvement of the collaboration network between researchers and engineers; the identification of sample gathering sites of land that “simulate” the Martian soil; the scientific and operative use of the assimilated knowledge for a technological transfer to the archeological and terrestrial geological markets; the divulgation and scientific awareness of space exploration.


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Cristina Baldetti, Project Manager,  Alma Sistemi Srl
email: cba@alma-sistemi.com