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First flight to Kourou Spaceport in French Guiana for the Spacecraft Transport Container

The 23 tons and 13 meter long Spacecraft Transport Container designed by ALMA Sistemi and manufactured by Garofoli is going to have is first flight to Kourou Spaceport in French Guiana. The transport container is carrying the first SpaceBus NEO satellite and it fits in the cargo bay of the Russian aircraft Antonov. The total mass including the satellite is close to 27 tons.

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ALMA Sistemi is participating to SpaceCom 2019 , Houston, Texas (USA)

ALMA Sistemi is currently engaged in an effort to bring its expertise to a wider audience in the Space Market by participating to several conference and technical workshops. After MAKS 2019, Moscow, Russia and AIRTEC 2019 in Munich, Germany ALMA Sistemi is now showing at SpaceCOM 2019, Houston, Texas (USA)in cooperation with ICE (Istituto per il Commercio Estero).

Our participation will bring our industrial activities in the field of Mechanical Ground Support Equipment as well as research projects to an international level to expand our business with specific regard to Space and Defence.

ALMA Sitemi will also be present in Turin for aerospace & Defence Meetings at the end of this month.

SpaceCOM 2019, Houston, Texas (USA)
Alessio Di Iorio, Alma Sistemi CEO at SpaceCOM 2019, Houston, Texas (USA)
SpaceCOM 2019, Houston, Texas (USA)
Alessio Di Iorio, Alma Sistemi CEO at AIRTEC 2019 in Munich, Germany
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Stable Project Annual Meeting in Athens

The STABLE project annual meeting was held today, 04th of November 2019, in Athens in the room located on the ground floor of the National Technical University of Athens library and was conducted by the project coordinator, Alessio Di Iorio from Alma Sistemi and with all members of the consortium present.

The meeting proceeded smoothly and after it, all the partners gathered in a Taverna for the social dinner.

STABLE Consortium members during the meeting
Alessio Di Iorio, Alama Sistemi CEO
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Thales Alenia Huge Satellite Transport Container

ALMA Sistemi Srl and Garofoli SpA in cooperation with Thales Alenia Space, has delivered one the biggest transport container for Satellites ever built. The transport container for the Thales Alenia NEOSAT Satellite series has been engineered by ALMA Sitemi and manufactured at Garofoli’s workshop in Terni, Italy and it has remarkable dimensions of 13,0 x 5,4 x 4,2 (LxWxH) meters. The transport container is now on his way to Thales Alenia establishment in Cannes by ship boarded at Civitavecchia harbour. A big thanks to the whole team and specially to ALMA team for the very important achievement.


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Alma Managment System Certificate

Certificato di Conformità N° 279777-2018-AQ-ITA-ACCREDIA – Certificazione in accordo allo Standard ISO 9001:2015

ALMA Sistemi SRL acquired the ISO9001-2015 certification for the  Realization of engineering products and services with high added value including mechanical engineering and project management. The certification n. 279777-2018-AQ-ITA-ACCREDIA, shows the company processes compliance to the standard ISO-9001-2015. The certificated has been issued by DNV GL Business Assurance Italia S.r.l. and it is valid through April 2022.