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M2P Project Act of commitment

Loghi Regione per Lumino


1 June 2018, the act of commitment for the M2P Project, a project under the umbrella of the KET’s call and a project that saw the collaboration between Alma Sistemi and the engineering department of the University of Rome 3, was signed in the offices of Lazio Innova, in via dell’Ambaradam in Rome.

About the project

Telecommunications is of paramount importance to the modern world. Increasingly it is required to antenna systems: multifrequency, filling guarantee, resolutions, multiple irradiation lobes, orientation and reconfigurability; High gain antennas are required for long-range communication (i.e Geostationary satellites). Moreover, in space applications the limits imposed by the payload are stringent: weight, size and consumption.

We want to study a method for the construction of an advanced material for the development of antennas for telecommunications and navigation applications, which is able to obtain a high gain but also surprising capacity for reconfigurability with antijamming and antispoofing potential.In recent years, two fields are revolutionizing the world of telecommunications and electromagnetic control:

• Meta-materials, structures that exhibit properties that exceed the limits of ordinary materials;

• Plasma, with electromagnetic characteristics controllable by external parameters.By combining the dynamic capabilities of the plasma with the properties of meta-materials, a structure that is potentially in line with the requirements of space systems and missions is obtained.exploratory, and which also shows non-existent reconfigurability in the world market.The Plasma Meta-Materials (M2P) project has the following pioneering objectives:

• Development of prototype of plasma meta-material:- design and development of a single unit of meta-material (surface) for the efficient generation of plasma;- Experimental characterization of the single cell and of the prototype surface;- Development of meta-material based on engineering requirements.

• Meta-material simulation:- Improvement and validation of the simulation software in possession;- Simulation of a plasma cell for electromagnetic control;- Simulation of the complete meta-material.

• Verification and validation of the prototype:- Planning of the tests in the required bands;- Electromagnetic characterization of the meta-surface and calibration of the simulation software;- Analysis of the results. Moreover, it is found that both in Italy and in Europe, there are no pre-industrialization initiatives of these technologies in the form of this project. This allows us to consider M2P a project in line with the KETs call.M2P aims to introduce this field, a hybrid between meta-materials and plasmas physics, in the regional context, making the members of the first aggregation in Europe to form in this field not yet explored sufficiently.M2P is part of the RSI strategy of new technologies for telecommunications applications through the use of advanced materials. The project uses an approach, complementary to the studies in place such as the aforementioned PATH, PALADIN and STARLET, as well as exhaustive studies on meta-materials.