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Lumino Project

Loghi Regione per Lumino


ALMA Sistemi Srl, in cooperation with IRSPS Srl , has been selected by Lazioinnova (Regione Lazio agency addressed to innovation) for the design and development of advanced and portable instrumentation for rock and sediment dating up to 1 million of years. ALMA Sistemi, proposal has been selected in the competitive invitation to tender issued by Lazioinnova “Bando Aerospazio” and the proposal named “LUMINO” (this is the project acronym) has ranked in 3° position out of 28 funded projects. The instrument technology is based on “Luminescence dating” where the radiation dose emitted by the samples (illuminated by specific irradiation units) is detected, measured and converted in absolute age. The portable instrumentation has direct application in planetary exploration specifically related to Mars where a similar instrumentation can be hosted by a rover as well as for Earth application in geology, archaeology and as portable instrumentation for quick radiation dosimeter in case of nuclear accidents.

Project Description (Italiano)

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Alma Sistemi is a S.r.l

Logo Alma srl

From January 2018 ALMA Sitemi is a S.r.l. (“Società a Responsabilità Limitata” equivalent to a Limited company). The change has been driven by the steady grow of the company turnover as well as new orders intake in both areas: industrial and research & development contracts. At the same time ALMA SISTEMI is engaged in acquiring the qualification and certification ISO 9001 as required by large scale integrator in the space sector (Thales, Alenia Space, Airbus defence and Space, OHB Sistema) as well as by the European Space Agency.
ALMA Sistemi is currently engaged in several activities: two RTD projects in Horizon 2020 and one FP7 Joint Program Initiative on Cultural Heritage and two industrial contracts for Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE).
The company is also very active in projects proposal addressing technology innovation. In fact, from the beginning of the year, ALMA Sistemi submitted 6 Horizon 2020 project proposals in Industrial leadership (Space work programme), Excellence Science (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions) and in Societal Challenge. Four of those proposal has been submitted with ALMA Sistemi Srl as coordinator addressing remote sensing applications and products, such as Cultural Heritage, Civil Engineering, Metamaterials technology and Planetary Exploration instrumentation. Furthermore 3 industrial offers in the area of MGSE has been also delivered to large scale integrator. Of course, success rate is generally low but ALMA Sistemi is also distinguishing for high quality and “innovation” character of the proposals that granted in the past a well recognized success rate.
An overview of ALMA activities and success stories is illustrated in the following article published on March issue of “Platinum” magazine attached to “Il Sole 24 ore” financial newspaper.

Alma Sistemi CEO Interview (ENG version)
Intervista al CEO di Alma Sistemi (versione Italiana)